Do I need a referral?

No. Anybody can make an appointment, no referrals required.



Can I get rebates from my Private Health Fund?

Yes, if you are covered for Speech Pathology Services. You can claim your rebate on the spot using our HICAPS machine, and pay any gap using EFTPOS.



Can Medicare give rebates for sessions?

Yes, in certain cases. The Medicare Extended Primary Care (EPC) Plan provides 5 sessions per calendar year at a rebate of $55 per session. Eligibility for this plan is determined by your GP, using a set of criteria set out by Medicare. If you would like to access any Medicare rebates, you will need to visit your GP to ask if you or your child are eligible. Please note that you cannot access both Medicare and Private Health rebates for the same session.



What should I bring to my appointment?

You don’t have to bring anything. You will be given a case history form to fill out during your initial assessment session.


If you have anything you want to show the Speech Pathologist, such as previous speech assessments, or examples of school work, feel free to bring it along, but it is not required.



Do you accept clients from other Speech Pathologists?

Occasionally, clients need to change therapists, perhaps because they have moved house, or their therapy timeslot is no longer available. In these kinds of circumstances, Flat Chat Speech Pathology is able to accept clients that have been previously seeing another therapist.


If Flat Chat Speech Pathology is able to obtain either an assessment report or specific therapy information which is less than 6 months old, a new assessment is not normally required. Therapy information can take the form of a discharge report from the previous therapist, or a phone call between Flat Chat and the previous therapist.


If you have any questions about transferring, please feel free to call or email for advice about your specific situation.



Do you accept older children?

Yes. Children up to 17 years old can be seen at Flat Chat. 



Do you accept adult clients?

Unfortunately we do not have facilities to see adults at this time. 



How do I make an appointment?

Just call, email or fill out the enquiry form.